Makai Wiki #8: The Four Goddesses

Anyone willing to spend a few decades training magic can become fairly powerful. Anyone with tremendous talent and millennia of training can acquire godlike powers. Prolonging one’s youth is no easy task, but certain four individuals have succeeded in it so well that they are practically immortal. After accomplishing the creation of Makai, these four sorcerers have become widely revered as the Four Goddesses of the Abyss.

The Dragon Queen is the only Magical of Dragon ever born. She’s arguably the most powerful of the Four and unrelenting in her pursuit of further heights. She lives in the Makai in a magnificent fortress city, along with her family and the most devout followers.

The Goddess of Light is the most popular and the least humble of the Four. She is revered as the prophet and the daughter of an upper deity, the Sun (although some heretic accounts claim that the Sun isn’t a deity but simply a globe of burning gas). The Goddess of Light leads a widely spread church-like organization devoted to the Sun and of course, herself.

The Lady of Night is a mysterious but influential character, who is often associated with the moon Selene. It is said that she recruits exceptionally talented young mages to her service by appearing to them in their dreams. Despite (or possibly, because) being very secretive, she has quite a following in the general public.

The Mistress of Souls is the twin sister of the Lady of Night and is associated with the moon Luna. She became infamous during the Great Abyss War for using her soul manipulation magic to create an army of puppets: souls trapped in physical vessels called dolls. Since the end of the war, the Mistress has been even more elusive than her sister, to the point that many doubt if she even lives anymore.