Makai Wiki #2: Luna and Selene

As the red-and-orange twilight passes and the sky turns into deep blue, two moons show their face. Luna and Selene they are called, the two daughters of Mother Earth. One will not grow tired of watching their beautiful faces, for they are ever changing.

Unlike many other rocks floating in the space, Luna and Selene have cloudy skies and rich biospheres. No two days are alike, for a plethora of lifeforms are constantly striving to make best of their lives on the moons’ surfaces.

Vast oceans cover the azure Luna, making it a paradise for marine life. The occasional islands are actually tips of the highest underwater mountains.

The turquoise Selene on the other hand is dominated by lush rainforests. Although there are no major seas, countless lakes and rivers are found across the globe.

Originally only plants and animals inhabited the two moons, but since the development of advanced portal networks a  few hundred years ago, numerous human settlements have been built on the moons’ soil. They have become popular locations for spending holidays, but permanent residence is difficult to obtain due to strict international regulations.